​At SmartChild, we're here to help you keep your children safe from harm

Father tickling his child

SmartChild had a very humbling beginning...

You see… after my nephew was involved in a very close call with an accident at home I had a vision of using my business experience and also making a difference at the same time.

SmartChild has never looked back since. It’s amazing how powerful and motivating it is to have a “why” behind what you’re doing.

Behind everything we do is the thought… “If we could just prevent one accident to one child…”

As parents, we strive to keep our children safe & secure and away from danger they simply don't know is there.

But we don't want to suppress their naturally adventurous & inquisitive nature which is what helps them learn & grow.

Preparing and shopping for your children can be truly exciting but also confusing.

You're going to encounter items you probably didn't even know existed.

SmartChild is here to help you with innovative products, guides, advice and support to ensure that you keep your child safe whilst also allowing them to express themselves and #EXPLORE #DEVELOP #GROW.

Alan - Co-Founder

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