Magnetic Child Safety Locks (8 Locks + 2 Keys)

Child Proof any Cabinet, Drawer or Cupboard in just 60 seconds​

Magnetic Safety Lock Set

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Our quick and easy to install Magnetic Safety Locks will prevent your child getting access to a cabinet or drawer and creating a mess, causing expensive damage or even worse harm themselves.

Using our unique QuickFit tool, the locks can be fitted in under 60 seconds with just a peel and a stick. No drills, screws or DIY skills required!​

Leaving you to get on with daily life knowing your kids are safe at home with things securely locked away so they won't be able to harm themselves or create an expensive mess.

  • ​Place in the the perfect position in just 60 seconds using our QuickFit template tool​
  • Simply move the key infront of the lock to open​, simple for Adults to use but keeps Kids out
  • Invisible and Hidden so don't spoil the look of your home and can be removed without leaving any marks​​
  • Bumper Family Pack contains 8 x Locks, 2 x Keys and 3 x Bonus Strap locks for appliances​​

How Magnetic Locks Work

Our Hidden and Non-Invasive locks don't spoil the look of your home

​Positioned on the inside of a door or drawer, they are invisible from the outside leaving your furniture looking as good as always.

Plus, there's no drilling or screws involved, so you can easily remove them at a later date with no marks or holes left in your expensive furniture.

A quick override switch allows you to temporarily disable the lock if you need easy access (such as when you're cooking).


​​With our innovative QuickFit tool you can install a lock in just 60 seconds or a whole kitchen / room in 20 minutes.

Simply peel and stick the lock in the perfect position every time, meaning anybody can child proof their cabinets or drawers without being a DIY expert and with no drills, tools or screws.

  • 1. Position the QuickFit Tool​
  • 2. Peel and Stick the lock using the guide holes of the QuickFit tool​
  • 3. ​Remove the installation tool and test the lock - That's it!
Install in under 60secs

Danger in the Kitchen

what if your CHILD got access to a cabinet or drawer and ​harmed themselves?

​This is a risk you cannot take and would never forgive yourself for.

Worst of all, many parents ignore the important issue of child proofing because they don't want tacky looking safety devices ruining the look of their home or think you have to be a DIY expert.

SmartChild's Magnetic Safety Locks are the solution you've been looking for.


We've designed our Locks to be the most feature rich and easy to install on the market...

  • 60 Second Install using our unique QuickFit Tool
  • Just Peel & Stick - no drilling or screws
  • Powerful Magnet to open even thick doors / drawers
  • Quick Override switch for temporary uninterupted access
  • Easy to Remove at anytime without marks or holes
Why Smartchild Locks

Included in the Box


​We've included everything you need to get started child proofing your cabinets and drawers in the box... ​

  • 8 x Magnetic Locks for cabinets, drawers and cupboards​
  • 2 x Magnetic Keys so you'll always have a key within reach
  • The QuickFit Tool to use as a template and fit a lock perfectly in position in under 60 seconds
  • and as a free gift... 3 x Bonus Strap Locks to stop your kids getting into an oven, fridge, microwave or similar​​


Rest assured you are buying from a Trusted Brand, with a Lifetime Guarantee and a Dedicated Support Team on hand to help you at any time.

We're confident you will be 100% happy with our product.

Follow our easy 3-step installation instructions and get a Rock Solid, Super Secure protection for your cabinets or drawers​ FOR LIFE... or your money back.

Bonus straps

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